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Robert Field RSHom, APH, CCH, CTHomASince discovering Homeopathy in 1992, I have dedicated my life to this most wonderful, effective and safe healing modality. Homeopathy is not a new age fad. It is grounded in sound observation and has been used successfully for the last 200 years all over the world. It is individualized medicine. The spiritual homeopathic approach to healing is what I do. This approach was first discovered and shared by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician in the late 1700's. He found that the substances that had the greatest therapeutic effect were those that could cause the most similar symptoms if taken by a healthy person. Homeo means "similar". Pathy means "suffering". Similar Suffering. The basic principle in Homeopathy is to find a substance that has the ability to cause suffering in a healthy person and then use that substance energetically to help a person who is suffering in a similar fashion to heal.The concept of Vital Force is necessary to understand the body's ability to heal.

The Vital Force is the spirit-like energy that animates the being; mentally, emotionally, physically. It is through the Vital Force that consciousness and all of our senses, as well as our thoughts and emotions can be experienced. Without a Vital Force the person is dead. It is only through the Vital Force that any dis-ease could ever be experienced and expressed through our being. This is true for all levels of our being.

Dis-ease can only affect us through our susceptibility. This happens first at the level of the Vital Force. When there is a disturbance in the Vital Force it will be experienced on one or more levels of our being. These disturbances are usually accompanied with some sort of suffering. When the suffering becomes too much we usually take a trip to the doctor. If the western or allopathic approach is taken, the cause of the disease is never addressed. If the symptoms do indeed disappear then the Vital Force loses the ability to heal the cause and the dis-ease will have effectively been suppressed. It usually is only a matter of time before the Vital Force will express itself again and the next round of symptoms appear. If the western allopathic approach continues to suppress, then the Vital Force's ability to express itself and heal becomes compromised and chronic disease is the result.

With the homeopathic approach a remedy can be given that is energetic; dynamically potentized and diluted without any molecules left of the original substance. This potentization process releases the spiritual essence of that substance. It is this spiritual, vibrational essence, when applied homeopathically, that is recognized by the Vital Force. It is the response to this energy, which is the healing response, that will shift the expression of dis-ease and health is restored. This is the purest, true form of healing. You then heal yourself.

The job of the Homeopath is to accurately perceive what is asking to be healed and to apply good homeopathic principles and the correct homeopathic remedy to inspire that healing response. This is part of what I do.

In addition to Homeopathy, I offer guidance in discovering why we have become sick, the way we have become sick and help my clients learn about their illness. In EVERY case there is a mental/emotional conflict that is associated with the suffering. I have found this to ALWAYS be true. Upon learning  my client’s story, there is always a thread to a greater understanding of their life. This helps my client make sense of their suffering. Without this vital bit of information we are always asking, "Why me? Why this?"

Understanding the systems of the body, the organs and their associated meaning along with understanding the meaning of individual dis-ease and trauma, my clients walk away from the consultation with much more information to help them heal.  And the healing is not just for the present malady, but for their life. This understanding is based on the teachings of  Recall Healing and incorporates the biology of the body, family dynamics, and the timelines of our life. When these are synthesized and correlated to a person’s life story, it is very powerful. Nearly everyone I have worked with has made huge discoveries that finally help them make sense of their life. When this occurs, one can move forward and be free from the underlying, unknown story and dis-ease.

The Homeopathic Visit

The initial visit lasts approximately two hours. During this time you will be asked to, "Tell me everything I need to know in order to help you". This is the time to tell me stories of how all of your suffering has come to pass. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Your unrehearsed words are exactly what I want to hear. Just talk with me. I will do almost all listening. It is my time to "fill  up" with your story and hear how this is your life experience. When you have finished, it will be my time to ask some questions for clarification or further understanding. At times I will be writing furiously. At other times I may seem focused on my computer. Believe me, I can do two things at once. I will hear your words and still be working using the most sophisticated computer program in the world for Homeopathy. I will be translating your symptoms into the language of the Homeopathic  Repertory and looking for clues as to the correct remedy to prescribe. Eventually there is an "Ah Ha" moment for me when everything becomes clear. When this happens I will share with you my perspective to know for sure I have it right. You will help clarify this. From this moment on I will begin to explain the why's to your suffering based on the details of your story.  A good metaphor is that you have helped paint the picture of your story and I will help you see it and reflect it back to you. This is the most powerful part of the consultation. You will learn much about why this suffering has come and what you can do about it. You are the healer.I will then explain the homeopathic remedy, how you can get it, how to take it and schedule a follow-up. Follow-ups are very important. Healing is a process and not an event. Follow-ups happen approximately every 6-8 weeks. THESE ARE NECESSARY. I can not stress this too much. Because healing is a process, it is necessary to talk with you and understand how your healing is progressing. Without this you will not get the continued care and advice that is essential to the healing process. Because each individual case is different, there is no way to predict your healing response. I help my clients in the times between visits, if something linked to your healing arises. If you have questions, I want to hear from you. If you have acute illness, I want to hear from you. If you have an accident or trauma, I want to hear from you. If the visit is brief and associated with your original case, I will not charge for these phone calls. If a new acute symptom comes forward, there may be a nominal Brief Visit charge. I see clients from all over the world and work in person from my office in Reno, Nevada or by telephone, or via Skype.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I have worked with Robert (and Kristin) for nearly 15 years healing various layers of trauma.  After the birth of my child, I experienced severe post-partum anxiety.  Not wanting anyone to know the extent of my struggles, I waited several months before reaching out to Kristin, who immediately re-connected me with Robert.  Thanks to him, I am back on a healthy path, free from anxiety and enjoying my new role as a mother.  He truly saved my life.

Marie B.

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